Cyber Security Packages

Cyber Security Packages for SMB & Not for profit business:

Book a 30-minute appointment to learn more about how we protect our client’s data and infrastructure. We will ask you a couple of questions to assess your current status and recommend quick and maybe no-cost solutions to improve your cyber security protection.

Basic protection for SMB’s and Not for profits

  • Protect your MS 365 email from hackers
  • Protect your websites from fake duplicates
  • Protect end-user computers and devices from malware, viruses and ransomware
  • Avoid 70% of possible cyber security issues by training your employees in behavioral cybersecurity protection

Protection for SMB’s and Not for profits working on a distributed office structure, mixed multiple offices including home office

  • Protect your connectivity between main and satellite offices
  • setup secure virtual offices
  • secure your connection to cloud and servers
  • increase the security of your offices from hackers and ransomware

Complete protection for medium to large size businesses and Not for profits

  • Find gaps in your cyber security defense and put solutions in place to raise your cybersecurity maturity levels and business continuity strategies
  • Implement cyber security incident response plan and improve your business continuity planning

Black-market protection

  • Early detection technology to stop risks before hackers start utilizing your logins, passwords, bank accounts, credit card, any social media and email logins. Get into the hackers mind and find what they know about you and your organization.