Alex McPhail
President, The EXA Consulting Group

“Overall, I find your service to be very good. Your team is knowledgeable, polite, and responsive. I am satisfied that moving our business to Koza IT was the right decision. Your staff is the primary reason for our satisfaction, and they deserve this recognition.”

Al (Alejandro) Moreno
General Manager, Frequency Coordination System Association

“Koza IT Services is the current provider of server management services for FCSA’s frequency analysis system, which is used by engineers of all main telecom companies operating in Canada. The service includes administration and operation of hardware as well as FCSA’s Web and SQL platforms. Koza has provided good and reliable service to FCSA for over 3 years now and their fees are very competitive.”

Michael Foley
Chief Operations Officer

“We have been working with Koza IT for the past year to ensure that our client servers are fully operational. In particular, Ken and team have been very responsive when alerts have been triggered and they have turned a major pain into something we barely even notice. We no longer worry that our server infrastructure will create problems for our team.”

Jim Kennedy
Director, Information Technology and Information Management, The Conference Board of Canada

“The team at Koza IT Services has seen us through a number of important database and application projects including SQL Server migrations, troubleshooting and emergency support, and setting up development and production environments for our in-house application team. Their experience and flexibility have been invaluable to us.”

Joseph Potvin
Senior IT Economist, Information Technology Division, Chief Information Officer Branch, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

“I have found the Koza IT Services team to be highly reliable contractors in both a technical and professional sense. They have both been committed to our goals for the project, and they were both quickly effective in working with other staff and contractors on the team. Some aspects of our project are complex and they were keen to learn. Sometimes our project took unexpected turns, and we found them relaxed about adapting to circumstances. We located Koza through an Internet search related to specific knowledge and skills in February 2009. Needless to say, we’ll be happy to have them continue in our project, and we’re also pleased to recommend them.”


“Helped our company develop a Microsoft Access project database tool.”

Kevin Johnson

“Ken is extremely knowledgeable about IT networks and security. Every conversation we have, I learn a new way to protect my information or make my workflow more efficient.”

James Ellacott

“The most sincere IT company in  the business I have found. I have Mr. Koza take care of all my IT work. A company that you can trust.”

Barry Rooke

“They went out of their way to help us learn and provide services.  Solid company.”

Jeff Annable
Chief, Data Management, Transport Canada

Ken’s attention to detail and ability to envision long-term considerations and implications have resulted in a set of recommendations that have served our organization well in recent years. These skills and his technical knowledge in SQL Server have been crucial to our assessment activities and will establish a solid roadmap and foundation for the next several years as well . If you are looking for a senior MS SQL Server resource with all of the skills to handle any range of challenges; tuning, implementation, or strategic planning, Ken is well equipped to provide these services.”

Rob Munn
Chief Information Officer, Prime Choice Auto Parts

Ken Hoca is fantastic at database systems, especially SQL Server. I am more than pleased to share that with anyone who would need his services and professional expertise. Any organization can have success with Ken taking care of their valuable data.”

Karen Harris
Manager of Information Technology, The Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command

“To say that Ken is an expert with SQL Server would be an understatement. He is the most qualified person I have ever worked with and would highly recommend him for any database work. His technical skills are second to none. He listens to his clients’ needs and presents solutions that are scaled for their industry and budget. He makes the complex issues seem easier and more manageable.”

Fabio de Sant’Anna
Principal at Capgemini

“Highly recommended SQL Server Expert. Very competent and easy to work with, very committed and excellent team player. Ken worked for me on a complex stability remediation of the 2 most important policy admin systems of the most critical LOB of a P&C Insurance company. He was there from the initial assessment to figure out problems and recommendations to the end of the remediation and stabilization. Ken was the most critical resource in this project which upgraded SQL2005 to SQL2014, remediated a number of stored procedures, merged database instances, optimized indexes and database settings, to name a few of the actions. These old systems started in a state of outages and too many deadlocks and finished in a state of no outages, much reduced deadlocks and improved response time. ”

Margaret Wittlinger
Sr. Infrastructure Project Manager

Ken is one of the most, if not THE most talented database engineers I have ever encountered. He possesses a strong work ethic, is able to easily break down complex problems into manageable parts rapidly, demonstrates amazing attention to detail, and is patient with lesser skilled / more junior team members. Perhaps most importantly, he is willing to mentor and share his vast knowledge of SQL databases and create teachable moments in a very diplomatic way, which makes the entire project team stronger. Any company that has engaged Ken to provide db services will easily receive more than double a return on the investment.”