Database Management Services

Koza Technology was founded as a database administration and consulting services company in 2005. We offer customized database management services for a monthly fee that fits your requirements:

  • License Optimization: Regular server software inventory reviews to minimize licensing costs for SQL Server, Oracle and IBM/DB2. Koza has saved customers as much as $15 million in annual licensing costs. We can find savings your software vendors are not showing you.
  • Performance Engineering and Optimization: Scheduled performance checks and corrections to ensure your databases and servers operate at optimal performance and also avoid unnecessary additional processing power, hardware, and licensing.
  • Database Modernization: Migration of your systems and data into more modern database systems such as cloud, SQL, and Oracle from mainframe and file based systems.
  • Azure Configuration and Support: Let Koza help set-up and optimize your Azure cloud. We can even help with on-going administration of your Azure environment.
  • Monitoring: 24/7 database administration and platform monitoring. Remote or On-site. Our remote database administration management center is bilingual and in Ontario, Canada.
  • Job, User and Security Management: Daily database management tasks such as scheduled job monitoring, user access and permission management.
  • Proactive Management: 60+ point database server management routines, checks, proactive and corrective procedures to avoid outages and data loss of your mission-critical systems
  • Emergency Support: As-needed emergency support based on our service level agreement (SLA)
  • Data Security and Monitoring: Database and platform reviews, recommendations and modifications to ensure best practice and industry standards, and maximize the protection of your data.
  • Staff Support: Tap into the skills and expertise of a Level-3 Database Administrator.
  • Project Design and Implementation Support: Let Koza analyze, plan and provide a solution and ensure shorter implementation times and smooth deployments. We can monitor your projects and recommend corrective actions during implementation. We deliver database upgrades, consolidations, migrations, transformations, BI and ETL, disaster recovery planning, database development and table modeling.
  • Custom Managed Database Plans: Blend Koza’s offerings above to suit your budget, requirements and to fill the database management skills gaps in your organization.
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS): cloud hosting based on database architecture and customized to your requirements. Koza can implement your managed database server solution in a private cloud in our tier-3 data center. You select the location and availability architecture; we supply the hardware, database system, connectivity, and manage the PaaS solution.

Koza’s database management services will help you:

  • Reduce database support and management costs
  • Minimize database outages, maximize the critical systems and applications availability
  • Lower licensing costs
  • Lighten the burden on your management team with respect to staffing for on-call support, scheduling around employee vacations, and other DBA staff availability issues
  • Gain access to expert DBAs, and database/solution architects to work with your team
  • Increase systems availability and improve performance, resulting in high availability of database/web systems, decreased employee/user time loss, and increased sales revenue
  • Boost productivity and progress toward strategic goals

Managed Database Platforms:

  • MS SQL Server, Azure
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, MS Access