Develop Cloud Migration Strategy.

Workload Discovery & Assessment.

Server Migration and Deployment.

Improve throughput and low latency.

Migration Strategy

We provide a comprehensive strategy that sets migration goals, creates a timeline, anticipates challenges, and clearly define the project’s success.

Our migration strategies take into account which workloads to move to the cloud, which to keep on-premise, and which new capabilities and applications to add once in the cloud. We evaluate specific use cases for the workloads to be migrated. This may include mission-critical enterprise applications, data backup and recovery, productivity and collaboration applications, or software development projects. Defining use cases upfront enables us to create a solid strategy and sets the foundation for a properly executed migration process.

Migration strategies typically cover risk assessments, budgeting, and security, as well as the type of cloud—public or private—that will host each of the workloads being relocated.